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AI can generate captions that are much better than YouTube's automatic subtitles.
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Your Youtube,

1. Import your Youtube video into Fluen Studio In your Fluen Studio's workspace, click "Add New" and then "Import From Youtube". Add your Youtube URL.
2. Choose your subtitle languages and preferences Click continue to choose your video language, set your style guide, and select any other language you want your video to be translated into.
3. Generate the AI captions Click "Submit" and wait until your video has been processed. It usually take a minute or two. Once ready, your caption language will be highlighted in blue, meaning it's ready to be edited. Click on it.
4. Make your changes and export the SRT You can check the generated script and make any correction, if you want. When you're done, Click on the "Export" button and choose "SubRip (.srt)" to download the caption file.
5. Add the SRT to your video in Youtube Log into Youtube, select "My Channel" from the left sidebar and then "Video Manager". Find the video and click the edit button next to it. In the dropdown menu that will appear, select "Subtitles and CC". This will open the subtitling interface: press the button "Add new subtitles" and select "Upload a file". Use the playback to review your subtitles once again, and click "Publish". That's it!
Built-in Editor With 98%+ accuracy - even on jargon and product names - you won't need to do much editing at all, but if you want perfection, Fluen Studio was built exactly for that.
Caption and Translate in Multiple Languages Managing the neural net translations of your videos has never been easier. It takes one click to engage with a whole new audience.
Your Brand,
Your Subtitle Style
Change the appearance of your subtitles with customizable fonts, colors, and backgrounds to align them with your brand. Export them as MP4 in minutes.

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