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Built-in Editor With 98%+ accuracy - even on jargon and product names - you won't need to do much editing at all, but if you want perfection, Fluen Studio was built exactly for that.
Caption and Translate in Multiple Languages Managing the neural net translations of your videos has never been easier. It takes one click to engage with a whole new audience.
Your Brand,
Your Subtitle Style
Change the appearance of your subtitles with customizable fonts, colors, and backgrounds to align them with your brand. Export them as MP4 in minutes.

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1. Generate Fluen Studio generates subtitles automatically, applying time codes and line breaks.
2. Post-Edit Tune the subtitles to perfection by styling the appearance and adding your changes and personal touch.
3. Export Export production-ready MP4 files with hardcoded subtitles, SRTs and WebVTT files, or the text transcript.

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