The AI to Transcribe and Translate Audio Files, Automatically

Upload your audio file, generate the source language transcript, and translate it into any language with incredible accuracy.

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Long-form content
Translated 10x faster.

1. Generate Fluen Studio generates subtitles automatically, applying time codes and line breaks.
2. Edit & Translate Perfect your transcript by adding your changes and personal touch.
3. Export Export your translated Audio fie transcription in Text format.

Supported Languages

Transcribe and Translate Between Any Combination of Languages

Spanish - Spain & Latin America
French - France & Canada
Chinese - Simplified & Taiwan
..and more
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Built-in Editor With 98%+ accuracy - even on jargon and product names - you won't need to do much editing at all, but if you want perfection, Fluen Studio was built exactly for that.
Transcribe and Translate in Multiple Languages Managing the neural net translations of your audio files has never been easier. It takes one click to engage with a whole new audience.

Input Formats

Your PC
External URL

Output Formats

.TXT with Paraphraphs
Subtitle Files
Hardcoded Subtitles (for videos)
.MP4 (4K, 1080p, 720p)

Finally, automatic translations
you don't have to re-write from scratch.

Simply tweak the auto-generated transcript if needed, translate, then export or distribute your project. Easy as pie.
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Need help with post-editing tasks?

We can hook you up with one of our Professional Language Service Partners and find the ideal vendor for your industry or niche. They'll post-edit your subtitles directly in Fluen Studio at a price that's sure to beat any human-only alternatives, yet with comparable quality.

Just get in touch, and we'll discuss your project's needs.
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